"[Baby Shoes] did score some laughs with a butt-dialing Pontiff and they had one running sketch with some oomph. This involved a high-school counselor who lives for the day a student will come out of the closet in his office, but who never gets to enjoy the Holy Grail of which a guidance counselor can only dream. Great sketches are often born of characters living lives of quiet desperation — never easy in an amped-up festival like this one, but still worth the risk."
—Chris Jones, Chief Theater Critic, Chicago Tribune

"Must-See Comedy Pick...One of the Magnet Theater's longest-running sketch teams transports they're fucked and funny sketches to the Midwest."
—Time Out Chicago (Critic's Pick)

"Dark and fucked up! I loved it. War, suicide and a finale of cruel and unusual food punishments – all done right. [Baby Shoes] knew what they were doing and committed to it. They kept us guessing, squirming in the right amount of discomfort, and laughing."
Bloody Underrated

"In honor of Mother's Day, Magnet Theater comedians perform fully improvised scenes with some very important fans: their actual moms."
—Time Out New York (Critic's Pick)