Silvia's Blood is based on Philip K. Dick's short story "Upon the Dull Earth," originally published in 1954. Performed by Andy Moskowitz, Rebecca Robles, Diana McCorry, Ben Jones, and Al King. Produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell.

Live the death you've always wanted. Performed by Andy Moskowitz, Jackie Hoffman, Benjamin Jones, Damon Ketron, Shacottha Fields, Phoebe Tyres, Blanche Ames, Amy Warren, and Rebecca Robles. Written by David Wilcox, based on a segment from his podcast, "A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness." Produced & directed by Jonathan Mitchell.

Andy Warhol and Susan B. Anthony join Jarret Berenstein in the studio to decide if the women's rights movement or the pop art movement were more important (ft. comedians Andy Moskowitz and Bianca Casusol).

Writer: Megan Meadows
Actor: Andy Moskowitz
Director: Alex Marino

Ariana Grande's BFFL, Andy Moskowitz, is on the Magnet Theater podcast talking substance abuse, vulnerability, and of course, Mother's Day. Andy talks about getting his improv start in Philly doing ComedySportz and shares with us his Behind The Music moment. Plus, he and host Louis Kornfeld try to write a joke together! Tune in for a whale of a good time.